The End (Thanks for reading Life of Kendra)

That's all folks. Thanks for reading and sticking it out with me. I really enjoyed writing Life of Kendra and learned a lot along the way. It's turned out to be my longest and most complete work to date. If you haven't read it yet - go to the archive I'm considering compiling and cleaning… Continue reading The End (Thanks for reading Life of Kendra)

Life After Steve, Life After the Library

I miss Steve so freaking much. Sometimes I send a text to his phone, and pretend the reason doesn't respond is because he's mad at me, not because he's dead. He could be mad at me forever—it’d be better than what happened. I can't stop thinking of all the things I could have done differently,… Continue reading Life After Steve, Life After the Library

That Night’s Fallout

Sonja wouldn't wake up, and my hand looked like a Banyan tree, so we rushed to the hospital. Dr. Gabor treated his own gunshot wound. Gunshots get questions. I guess he really is a real doctor. I went into surgery, twelve broken bones in my hand and fingers. Sonja’s condition deteriorated quickly, and she entered… Continue reading That Night’s Fallout