I Got An Interview!

Finally! It’s for a private librarian position at some rich guy’s house. I can’t imagine why you’d need a librarian for a personal library. I mean, how big could it be? But I’m not complaining, if somebody wants to pay me to hang around books all day, I’m down. I found the job on craigslist, so I’m really hoping it’s not some creepy guy whose fetish is to have a topless “librarian” dusting his crusty old books. That would probably be better than retail but yeah… not happening. So I’ll bring my pepper spray, just in case.

I really hope I get this job. Then maybe I can finally start paying my boyfriend Steve* for all the rent I’ve missed and get him off my back. I’m tired of doing all the chores! I probably won’t get it, though. I don’t really have any experience, unless you count my apparently useless degree in literature. Wish me luck anyways!

* Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent

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