The Interview Went Okay (I think?)

I met The Lawyer at a coffee shop for the interview yesterday. He was so skinny and had these huge dark circles around his eyes. He look like a skeleton with his suit hanging off of him. His handshake was cold and limp too. He didn’t want any coffee but he offered to buy me some so obviously I picked a dirty chai with four shots of espresso!

He asked to see the 3 significant objects from my childhood and the book. I showed him the picture of my birth mom, my stuffed bunny head, and the cobra tooth. Steve said the bunny head was stupid but I brought it anyways. I decided to bring The Metamorphosis since it relates to the book I’m writing. I told him why I brought each one and he didn’t comment but took pictures with his phone.

He asked me some standard questions about my experience, about me, why I want the job and what kinds of books I read. He seemed interested when I told him about my writing, especially that I write horror.

Then he asked some pretty weird questions like –

“What’s the longest time you’ve spent alone?”

“Can you work under stressful conditions?” (In a personal library?)

“Do you believe in an afterlife?”

“Have you ever seen a dead body?”

“If you were to run off to join the circus what job would you have?” (Obviously I’d be a freak! Maybe the bearded lady, ha ha.)

The job pays $25 per hour, which seems kind of low. My duties would be to create a system to catalog and organize the books, retrieve books for the Rich Guy, purchase requested books, and seek out new books that would complement the collection. Pretty much a dream job for me.

Honestly have no idea how well I did, or if any of the other candidates have an MLS and more experience than me. Maybe I shouldn’t take the job, the whole thing is a bit creepy— even for me. But I can’t help being curious, I’d die to see this guy’s library! I probably won’t get an offer, though.

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