My 2016

I don’t have to tell you that 2016 was a weird and difficult year for a lot of people. I was no exception. Setting aside the world events we are all so intimately familiar with, here’s what my year was like:

The Awkward, The Ugly and The Weird

The Progress, The Peachy, and The Good

  • Didn’t die (again!)
  • Had sushi for the first time
  • Saw Adrien Brody at a coffee shop (I think?)
  • Finished the extensive outline for my novel (Okay, more like 97% finished)
  • Connected with a lot of awesome writers from Raimey Gallant’s NaNoHop
  • Posted a short story (yea, just one but it’s something)
  • Blogged!

Goals for next year

  • Stop being a broke idiot
  • Get some friends
  • Keep blogging
  • Post a few short stories
  • Self-publish two novels

Fresh horrors certainly await us in 2017, and I doubt my life will get peachy overnight. But all we can do is look forward. And if you write, then WRITE goddamn it! Write something good. That’s what I’ll do.

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4 thoughts on “My 2016

  1. Wishing you a prosperous, successful 2017. Frankly, I’m glad you never heard back about that “librarian” job. Meeting the ‘attorney’ in a coffee shop was bizarre. Does the guy not have an office? The whole thing reeks. Sign up with a temp agency, it won’t be glamorous, but they can provide training to give you some skills. When I was looking for work I was registered with 5 agencies simultaneously. Good luck!

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