It’s Back. What Should I Do?

I just got an offer for the private librarian job I applied for two months ago! The lawyer emailed me and said the rich guy finally looked at my application and photos—he said I was ‘perfect’. What does that even mean?

Should I take it? It’s full time, so I’d probably have to quit my job at Steve’s Dad’s tanning salon. I haven’t told Steve about the email, he would be so pissed if I quit.

The whole thing is a bit creepy (okay, real creepy) but otherwise it’s my dream job. I was kind of enjoying my new boring life and slightly-lucrative career, but I can’t be “Kendra Temples, Pasty Tanning Consultant” forever, right?

What should I do?!?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Back. What Should I Do?

  1. Go with your gut. If you leave the tanning salon would they let you come back if this librarian gig doesn’t work out? Have you met the actual employer yet? I’d take pepper spray, if you accept 😉 And you can always quit if it REALLY gets weird. See if you can find out anything more about the employer (Google him).

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    1. I’m not sure about being able to go back to the tanning salon. I guess it depends how mad Steve and his Dad would be if I quit. I haven’t met the guy yet so pepper spray isn’t a bad idea!


  2. If it’s your dream job, I would go for it, but I would also be a little cautious.
    It might be worth asking to meet the guy, see his library, and check out the neighbourhood before you commit, because the interview did sound a little like a horror story! That way, if you get any bad vibes, you’ll know that maybe it’s not the right job 🙂

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