The Aftermath: Poking and Yelling

I couldn’t go home after my weirdo first day at the mansion last night because Steve read my text and didn’t respond. In Steve language that means he was extra cheesed off that I quit his Dad’s tanning salon without notice. I wrote at a cafe until I knew he’d be asleep so I could sneak in the apartment to sleep on the couch in my dirty clothes.

I’m pretty sure “poking and yelling” is in the top ten most annoying ways to wake up—along with our neighbor practicing  Bring Me to Life by Evanescence on her out of tune violin and suffocating on Stanky’s furry cat butt (RIP Stanky).

“Kendra, wake up! I took you in when you had nowhere else to go! I was the only one there for you, and this is how you repay me? My Dad was nice enough to offer your broke-ass a job and you abandon your shift and quit? You’re an irresponsible ingrate!”

Yep, he was super pissed.

I said that working at a spooky library is my dream job, and I would have told him sooner but I knew he was going to freak out like this. He doesn’t understand how much it means to me to get paid to do something I care about, and even if he did he’d probably still be a dick about it.

He asked why my clothes were so dirty. I told him that I was cleaning and he laughed. “So this is your ‘dream job’? A glorified maid?”

I didn’t know how to respond so I screamed and stomped off into our room. He just slammed the front door, I guess he went to work. It’s time for me to get ready too, I’m skipping the makeup today and wearing my grungiest clothes. I’ll be scraping mold off books all day, after all—I’m a “librarian”.

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6 thoughts on “The Aftermath: Poking and Yelling

  1. Good Lord, any guy who resorts to guilt trips and manipulation isn’t worth your time or self-respect. Get the hell out as soon as you can. Don’t give him any more of your heart, he obviously doesn’t respect you. And if he can’t respect you–he certainly can’t love you.
    Dump his ass as soon as you can and move on. No one is better for you than you.

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    1. Thanks, for that ❤. At this point I feel like he might be the one to break up with me and I’m starting to feel bad that I didn’t give him or his dad any notice before quitting the job. I complain about Steve a lot but he does nice things for me also. Also, I don’t really have anywhere else to go, and I don’t have any friends or money saved up. He’s kind of all I got. But I guess I should save so that I could move out if things get worse.

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  2. Yikes, I didn’t realize you hadn’t even told him ahead of time. I have to say I can understand him wanting some notice before you bailed on that job, but I’m sure it’ll be easy enough for them to get someone else in. I agree with carolynmcb, though – the sooner you’re rid of him the better.

    I still have qualms about this “library job.” He or his attorney should have been more forthcoming about what the job really was. Keep the pepper spray handy. There’s still something that feels “off” about this guy. The whole house tour before showing you the job… I dunno. Maybe it’s just “rich man eccentricity” but just be careful.

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    1. Yea, I kept putting off telling him and then it was too late. Kind of a dick move on my part. It was sketchy of the lawyer to not tell me about the all the cleaning, and the library is pretty spooky but I feel really safe around Eli. I’ll make sure to keep the pepper spray with me, just in case.


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