“Kendra’s Super Cool N Spooky Book-O-Rama”

After three days of cleaning books at the creepy-crusty library, I’m finally getting over being overwhelmed by this massive project. All of your encouragement has really helped too! Thanks y’all.Eli has been great at making sure I feel comfortable and have everything I need. He said any books that need serious restoration will be sent to a book binder, so that takes pressure off of me.

The only other regular employee at the mansion is Chef Amos, who’s there nearly everyday. Amos is an older Jewish man, and as warm as they come—he takes your hand in both of his when he shakes it and has wrinkles in all the right places. He’s a little spacey but a total sweetheart. I’m eating gourmet everyday—not bad.

I have my little cleaning station set up on the desk in the back of the library and I’ve been going through the collection shelf by shelf. It turns out the library is a little more organized than I thought. Eli said that there should be large occult section and to let him know when I find it. I guess he’s into that kind of stuff too!

Right now I’m going through old science books and encyclopedias. Most of them are either too damaged to keep or are outdated—and not in a cute way. I’m guessing I’ll be throwing away about two-thirds of the library, but every crappy book I toss is new one I get to choose later. Eli said that I should consider it “our library” and he’s looking forward to hearing my curation ideas. He even said I could name it! How cool is that? My only idea so far is “Kendra’s Super Cool N Spooky Book-O-Rama” (and I call myself a writer, ha ha).

I found this awesome reference book on insects from 1957 called The Insect Guide by Ralph B. Swain. And there were two four leaf clovers pressed between the pages in the butterfly section! Eli said I could have them but I like the idea of keeping them in the book. It’s like a little secret between us and the library.

There’s this intermittent knocking sound that’s been echoing off the walls and through the rows of shelves—probably the sound of a re-animated severed hand impatiently tapping its fingers. You know I’ve been secretly hoping this place is haunted!

Oh, and Steve isn’t really talking to me anymore. He’ll get over it eventually, I guess.

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