Masters Of The Bootyverse

Things have cooled down with Steve and we’re talking again. We don’t kiss or cuddle anymore (he’s actually a major cuddler, go figure), and it feels like we’re just housemates at this point. I’m so freaking horny it’s making me a bit looney. We’re usually intimate, even if we’re fighting.

I don’t see him that much either, he’s been busy with work and he started a Butt Rock band with his friends called “Masters of the Bootyverse” (not the real name but it’s equally as stupid, trust me). They’ve been practicing a lot and he’s really excited about it. He played me a recording of their practice and I tried to be supportive but honestly I hate it. They sound like a mix between Staind and Nickeback. They aren’t that bad, I just hate that type of music. Why can’t he play cello or Speed Metal instead? Even evil-carnival-clown music would be better than Butt Rock.

As for the library, nothing as exciting as discovering a secret musical insectarium has happened. Eli hired exterminators and they’ve been dealing with the Death Watch beetle problem. It turns out there were silverfish too, and a large chunk of the library’s collection isn’t recoverable. It’s shame to lose all of those books, but it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

Meanwhile, I’m eating delicious food from Chef Amos and thinking of different collections to curate for the library. The only good one so far is a “Crypto and Imaginary Zoology” section. I got the idea from the book After Man – A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon. Such a freaking cool book. I could never afford the hardback but I’ll be able to buy one for the library.

Eli loved the idea. He’s so cool and into a lot of the same weird stuff I’m into—not like Steve who only likes weird stuff if it’s popular or from the 70s and 80s. He was telling me a bit about the early experimental films he made, and said that once the home theater is complete he’ll have a screening just for me so I can see them. I can’t wait!

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