I Found the Secret Occult Library

I heard some bumping and skittering around the second level of the library yesterday. It sounded like a ghoul rising out of it’s secret grave as it broke free of it’s enchanted chains! Okay, not really, it sounded more like a loose animal. After the Death Watch beetle infestation, I had to make sure there wasn’t a pack of rabid book-eating hyena’s loose. Or book-eating wombats. Or whatever animals Eli keeps in the secret zoo he probably has.
So I braved the rickety metal staircase for the first time. It swung and creaked; I swore it’s rusty bolts would split apart and the whole thing would tumble down and crush me, but it held up.

When I got to the top of the staircase and onto the catwalk I saw a dirty white cat! I didn’t know catwalks were so… literal.

The cat disappeared into a gap in between some large books. When I removed the books I found a small passageway leading to a staircase that went down the other side of the wall.

At the bottom of the staircase was a room lined with full bookshelves. I’d found it—the Occult library within the library—the collection so valuable that it was worth buying an entire mansion for (Okay, I doubt that’s the only reason Eli bought it). The cat was standing in the middle of the room, puffed up like a dandelion. I went to pick him up but he ran back up the stairs, and probably made his way into some other secret room in the mansion.

Eli was so excited that he gave a me a big hug. It was so warm—I can’t remember the last time someone gave me a hug. Steve’s been such a cold fish lately.

Eli told me there’s a rare book he wants me to find named Letters on the Tormentors of Demoniacs. It should have been published sometime in the early 19th century and the author’s name is Rev. John Baxstair or a variation of that. Freaking awesome!

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8 thoughts on “I Found the Secret Occult Library

  1. Sorry to hear Steve is still being an ass. Glad you’re having fun in the library, though! I would have squealed in delight at finding a secret room! Did Eli know about the cat, or was it a surprise too?

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    1. Eli had no idea! We think the cat must have been living here since before he moved in. He said if I can catch it I can keep it lol.

      Steve’s not really being too bad, but it doesn’t even feel like we’re dating anymore. I can’t tell if he’s withholding affection or just not feeling it. I’m starting to wonder what’s the point.

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  2. Hmm… Between what you have been saying about Steve, and the interactions you’re having with Eli, I’d say there is enough drama (Steve) and potential romantic tension (Eli) to write a romance novel.

    Perhaps this library job happened for that very reason.

    One day, I hope to see you break down your blog posts into chapters, then work them over into a novel. It would be fun to read.

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