Sonja, The Secret Wife

I’ll start this post where I left off: He has a freaking wife?

Yes, my boss Eli—whose home I’ve been working at for over a month—apparently has a secret wife named Sonja hidden away in the mansion. How creepy is that?

Eli said that she’s ill and doesn’t want visitors because she’s a very private person. And the reason she was screaming bloody murder? Night terrors.

He could tell I was weirded out by the whole thing, so yesterday he arranged for Sonja and I to meet. I didn’t know what to expect after four nights of hearing her screaming and yelling crazy shit like, “I’m enslaved by the starred ring! Release me O king, or I will rip a hole in this world!”

Eli led me into a room that was beautifully decorated with carefully chosen antiques. There was a couch upholstered with a Victorian floral pattern and a mahogany vanity dresser with an ornately carved frame around the mirror. A huge expressionist landscape painting overtook one of the walls.

Sonja was sitting up in her bed, covered by a blanket and dwarfed by the giant headboard behind her. She’s beautiful but doesn’t look very healthy. She has dark circles around her eyes and her skin is even paler than mine. Her messy hair is pitch black and she has a large but elegant nose that gives her a stunning profile—unlike my big honker that only makes me look like a doofus.

Eli left us alone so that we could chat and get to know each other.

“I heard you’ve been staying with us. I apologize for all of the noise I make at night. My nightmares have been particularly bad lately.”

I said it was okay and that the things she yells are actually kind of inspiring sometimes. She let out a melodic series of three soft, yet well enunciated, laughs. “Oh, that’s right. Eli told me that you’re a writer. You’ll tell me a story sometime, won’t you?”

“Uh, sure… I’ll think of a story to tell you sometime. Although, I’ve been pretty busy not working on my horror novel lately.”

It turns out that she likes horror too and has even acted in a few horror films. “Acting is actually how I met Eli. I auditioned for one of his early films. Only, he didn’t know that I was auditioning him too.”

She broke eye contact with me and looked down. Her eyes softened and her smile waned slightly, “But, I’m retired now.”

After a little while Eli returned with the polite-but-cold Dr. Gabor (so that’s why he creeps around the mansion), and I had to leave so they could have their session.

Eli seemed really happy about my visit with Sonja, and said that it looked like we got along well. Maybe we do get along well. Maybe we could even become friends. I haven’t had one of those in awhile.

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