Inside Eli’s Library

Carolynmcb asked me to tell everyone more about the library, so here we go! Sonja’s also been asking about it and hinting that she wants to visit. Eli said that would be fine but he’d have to ask all of the staff to leave so that house is empty. She doesn’t want to be seen by anyone but me, Eli and Dr. Gabor. He also reminded me to keep the Occult section a secret—he thinks it would make her night terrors worse.

I spent some time cleaning the main library so it’s not as gross as when I first started the job. I’ve been very methodical about going through and cataloging the books so I’ve only really tackled the biology and science sections. They were mostly outdated or ruined by the infestation. I did spy a pulp Science Fiction section but I’ve managed to hold myself back from diving in—I know I’d get lost in them and derail my cataloging process.

The hidden Occult mini-library is much smaller than the main library but doesn’t feel as cramped. The bookshelves are only along the walls—there aren’t any that cut through the room. In the middle of the room is a chair and a desk with a typewriter on it. The sheet left in the typewriter only had the word “The” typed on it. I guess this guy had writer’s block too, ha ha. Or maybe the next word was going to be “end”. Or maybe he was an avant-garde poet and that’s the whole poem. Or maybe something happened to him before he could finish his sentence.

The only other furniture in the room is a Drinks Table with some half-empty bottles left behind. I tried a drop of Scotch and it tasted awful! I don’t think that’s what they mean when they say “Aged for 30 years.”

The Eastern and Western Occult books are on opposite sides of the room, corresponding to the cardinal directions. So books about Eastern occultism are on the wall on the Eastern side and the books about Western occultism are on the Western side of the room.

I started cataloging the Western side first. I’m using the Library of Congress classification system. The sections I’ve put together so far are:

  • Ghosts, Apparitions, Hauntings
  • Demonology, Satanism, Possession
  • Witchcraft
  • Occult Sciences
  • Magic, Hermetics, Necromancy
  • Astrology
  • Oracles, Divinations
  • Spiritualism

I’ve been posting pictures on my Twitter and Instagram of my findings, and I have started a gallery page on my site as well. I’m thinking of writing some articles based on what I’m reading in these books. Would any of you be interested in something like that?

Oh, and I still haven’t been able to catch that adorable cat or find that stupid book yet.

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3 thoughts on “Inside Eli’s Library

  1. “The … only reason I haven’t typed more is because I feel bad about abusing this poor piece of paper. These typewriter keys sound so harsh!”

    And, yes. The articles. Totally interested.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d absolutely be interested in reading your articles! It makes sense that the Eastern and Western occult mini-libraries are on the Eastern and Western walls. To me, anyway. There is so much fuel for your fiction in what you’ve described and taken pictures of so far. I’m hooked on your instagram, btw. keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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