I Found the Mysterious Book But…

Well, I finally found it, the book that Eli has been looking forLetters on the Tormentors of Demoniacs. Thank god. I never thought I’d say this, but I was getting kind of sick of demons. I’d even had a dream where the demon Andras was my gym teacher and made me do squats in a bikini for two hours. In front of the entire class! Yeah, I left that one out of my dream journal.

Eli was ecstatic at first but the next day he sent me a weird text calling me into his study. He was sitting on a red stuffed leather couch waving the small book up and down, tapping it on his knee. I sat down on a chair across from him and he held the book up, slightly shaking. “It’s useless, it’s not in here. After all this time it’s not here.”

His face scrunched up, and he threw the book on the floor. I’d never seen him like this—he was always so relaxed. I didn’t know what to say so I just sat there awkwardly, picking at my nails.

“Kendra, it wasn’t just the book I was looking for, I was looking for… I’m looking for a name,” he said.

A name?

“I’m looking for the name of a demon. I was told it was in this book, but it’s not. It’s useless. I’ll never find it.” He slumped over and put his head in his hands.

I sat next to him and patted his back to try and calm him down. I told him to breathe and that it was okay, just like he said to me the night Steve dumped me and I found out about his wife. “Maybe I can find the name in a another book, I think I’ve cataloged every demonology book in the library. I bet I could find it pretty quickly if you could describe it.”

Eli turned to me and gently removed my hand from his back. He looked at me with heavy eyes. “It has a snake’s head, the torso of a woman, and the legs of a goat. That’s all I know.”

“I’ll find it, I swear. And I’m guessing you want this kept secret from Sonja?”

He nodded.

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