The Name of the Demon

It’s Decabrael. I found him in a book called Dictionary of Lesser Demons by an unknown author. The demon looked just like Eli said—a goat’s body, a woman’s torso, and a snake’s head. Pretty creepy.

I asked Eli why the name was so important, and he said it was research for a film he’s working on. It must be a really important film for him to get so worked up about it. Maybe the movie is about the adventures of a plucky librarian named Kendra who works at a private library inside a mansion. Meta!

He seems a lot more relaxed and optimistic now that I found the name and that Sonja is going to leave her room for the first time in months.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Sonja’s going to visit the library this weekend. I can’t wait to show her everything! Except for the Occult section… she’s still not supposed to know about that.


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4 thoughts on “The Name of the Demon

  1. That Decabrael looks a bit like the chap in my blog header, except that one’s got goat horns instead of goat legs and a violin instead of breasts and severely unmanicured nails. Still, seems like they should hook up, maybe compare notes on the whole lurking-at-the-foot-of-people’s-beds trade.

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