The Ex and The Hex(agram)

Yesterday morning Sonja let me pick out some clothes from her closet! She said, “I like shopping for clothes online but I never have any reason to wear them. I just stay in bed all day. Maybe I’ll wear them if I ever get better. But please, take a few things. Clothes are meant to be worn.”

I found a couple of black dresses and a few of blouses that fit. They’re all designer brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent! She even gave me a purse, a witchy hat, a pair of sunglasses and that hexagram necklace she showed me on Sunday. I had to take the necklace off for her, her hands were shaking too much to fiddle with the clasp. I thought she was getting better but it’s hard to tell sometimes.

I realized that I haven’t left the mansion since that night Steve kicked me out—that was about a month ago! I’ve been so obsessed with work and everything I need is here—gourmet food, coffee, a garden, a pool, and tens of thousands of books. And where would I go anyways? All of my friends in this city were Steve’s friends, and they never really felt like friends in the first place.

But I had to go somewhere—I was getting crazed. Not Sonja-level crazed but Kendra-talking-to-herself crazed. So I decided to go to a fancy coffee shop to write. I wore my new cute black Gucci dress with the white lace and all of the other designer accoutrement, plus Eli let me borrow his Mercedes so I was feeling pretty freaking zazzy.

I got my triple dirty chai latte and started writing. Maybe it was the change of pace or maybe that necklace is good luck, because I was on fire!

And who do you think I saw as I was getting back into the Mercedes to go home? Steve! He looked so confused seeing me in designer clothes and getting in an expensive car.

“Yes Steve, I’m a rich author now,” I said, looking over my new designer sunglasses, “It turns out it was you who was holding me back all this time. Now that you aren’t in my life I have more money than god. And how is your little band doing? It was so good to see you, Steve, but I have to meet with my publicist. Ta ta!”

Okay, I didn’t actually say any of those things, I just awkwardly smiled and waved before I ducked into the car and raced off. He was totally speechless anyways!

I laughed all the way home, riding off into the sunset, but my vibe was quickly shattered when I got back and Eli noticed I was wearing the hexagram necklace. He flipped out. “What are you doing with that? That’s Sonja’s necklace, she needs to be wearing it!”

I apologized and told him that she gave it to me. He said that it was really important to him that she wear it, and that I have to give it back immediately. He escorted me to Sonja’s room and commanded her to wear it. Sonja didn’t seem bothered, she put the necklace back on easily and giggled. “Honey, you’re so dramatic sometimes. If it’s that important to you I’ll wear it.”

Eli shooed me out of her room—it was getting late and Sonja needed to rest. And I thought Steve and I had a weird relationship.

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2 thoughts on “The Ex and The Hex(agram)

    1. Oh dear, thanks for asking for the clarification. He just shooed me out of her room. I edited the post so that’s clear. I don’t think he’s mad at me, he mostly seems worried. I hadn’t thought about that with the demon, but who knows. He gets into some weird shit. Maybe he’s the crazy one!


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