We’ve Been Texting

I didn’t want to admit it but Steve started texting me a few days after I ran into him… and I’ve been texting back. It’s weird, it seems like we get along better when there’s physical distance between us. We have plenty of chemistry in person, but maybe too much—we’re always fighting.

I miss him, and I know he misses me too. He’s been sending me pictures of cute cats from adoption sites and fantasizing that we could adopt one together. We always wanted to have a cat but the apartment didn’t allow one.

He also sent me the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok—it looks awesome. I don’t really care for superheroes but I love 70s and 80s style science fiction movies and novels. The movie is in the same style but with amazing special effects. I can’t wait to see the psychedelic worlds from the covers of old pulp scifi novels come alive on the big screen. We bonded over old scifi books and movies when we first started chatting online.

Maybe we’ll get back together? I have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s not news to anyone.

I told Eli about Sonja’s day-terror and he seemed concerned. He said, “Please let me know if this happens again, especially if she becomes violent. We have to make sure she’s not a danger to herself or others.”

Asked him if she was getting worse and he said, “Sometimes people get worse before they get better. I think we’re actually making progress.”

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3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Texting

  1. Depending on the ages you were the last time, you may be more mature and less fighty now. Be careful, and think first, though. Any man who’s thinking of cats is in that annoying BUY NOW!!! mindset so no thinking out of him.

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