The Hidden Beings and Their Hidden World

I’ve going through the Eastern section of the Occult library and wanted to share the cool stuff I’ve been learning about jinn.

Introduction to Jinn

There are beings, invisible to us, who live in a dimension that intersects ours. They have their own societies, governments, and families. They possess great power and when they do appear, they come in many shapes and sizes—including as men or women. They’ve even been known to mate with humans and produce half-human, half-jinn offspring. They are called the jinn.

It may sound like I’m making this up, but jinn are very real to millions of people, especially in the Arabic world, and are a part of their everyday life. Though the legends of Jinn pre-date the Quran, they are most famously identified in this holy book.

‘And He created Jinns from fire free of smoke’ (Quran, 55:15).

Allah created jinn first with smokeless fire, then angels from light, and then humans from clay. Like humans and unlike angels the jinn possess free will, and they can accept or reject god. There are even Christian and Jewish jinn.

Jinn are not demons but they are often described or mistaken for them, because some are malevolent and appear in horrific forms. Some are beautiful but many manifest as human-animal hybrids, have invisible body parts, or distorted features. They haunt abandoned places and dark corners. They interfere with and harass humans, sometimes even possessing them or eating them (in the case of ghouls).


Notable or Interesting Jinnis

Iblis or Shaitan

Shaitan is the most well known of the jinn, as he is the satan of Islam. He’s identified by the seven hairs on his chin and his blind right eye. Shaitan was beloved by Allah and was raised to the status of angel—while maintaining his freewill. When god created Adam and asked Shaitan to bow down to him, Shaitan refused and was cast out.

In response Shaitan produced many evil offspring known as shayatin. One legend describes Shaitan as having a penis on the inner side of one thigh and a vagina on the other side. He would copulate with himself all day long, creating the multitude of his children.



Queen of Sheba, Bilqis is the most famous of the half-jinn. There are many versions of the story of her visit with King Solomon. In one, they fall in love, and the jinn that Solomon had enslaved (with his magic ring) became worried that if he had a son they would never be released from servitude.

The jinn spread a rumor that Bilqis was a jinn herself—partially true. To test this, Solomon asked Bilqis to cross a walkway made of a fish tank. Thinking it was a pond she lifted up her skirt to reveal hairy legs, and some say hoofed feet. After having her remove her leg hair they remained together for seven years and seven months until she died.


Mhaqal, is a jinn with green skin, a split tongue, hairy legs and long fangs. She was one of the original jinn enslaved by King Solomon and the only one to escape. After her escape she dedicated herself to revenge and tormenting humans. She landed herself in jinn court often, but she always found a way out.


Abgal, pre-islamic jinn, is a deity of Palmyrian desert regions. He often appears as a young man with a mustache and long hair, but he has also been depicted as a merman. He holds a lance and is usually accompanied by a crew of other jinn deities who taught humans the arts and sciences.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you found my article entertaining and informative, and that it will be a gateway for you to learn more about the wonders and rich tradition of jinn. There is so much potential to explore the lives and worlds of these beings in our own stories.

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