She’s Starting to Feel Better

After an all-nighter poring over books in the Occult library, I went to get a cup of coffee at 6am this morning. When I went into the kitchen I caught Sonja getting a snack! She shushed me and gave me a sly grin when I started to say her name in surprise.

We heard the front door slam—Chef Amos must have arrived for the day. She took my hand and hurried us up the stairs to her room.

I’d thought Sonja was mad at me, she freaked out this weekend when I tried to show her the article about jinn I wrote, but it looks like she got over it. She must be feeling better to be out of her room and running around.

“Yes, I’ve been feeling much better. My energy is starting to come back,” she told me.

“That’s great! I guess Dr. Gabor’s treatments are working.”

Sonja laughed. “Dr. Gabor? He’s useless! He’s not even a real doctor. I don’t know why I’m feeling better. Maybe it’s the springtime, maybe it’s having a friend that I can really talk to.”

She looked at me with sparkling eyes. “You know, I’d love to see the moon one night, I can’t remember the last time I saw the moon.”

“But isn’t your condition much worse at night? Have you asked Eli about it?”

“Eli said I’m not ready to go out at night. Isn’t that ridiculous? I know he’s just being overprotective, but sometimes I feel like a prisoner. He changed the door code—I can’t get out at night anymore. Even if I was feeling fine.”

“That’s not right,” I said, “He’s gone too far. You’re not a child.”

“I know! Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you see if you can get the code to the door and we can go on a little moonlit walk, just the two of us?”

I agreed, some fresh air will be good for her. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll just have to figure out how to get that code.

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