Eli Locked Me In A Room

Last night I snuck into Eli’s office to hunt down the code to Sonja’s room. He really should keep the door locked, some nosey bitch might pop in and snoop around.

I rifled through his desk drawer and look through some books, his day planner, and his journal. All I found were nonsensical notes like: “pelican print knapsack from North Korean underground factory” or  “replace diegetic music in 3.4 with motor oil metaphor”. Somehow I doubt those were related to Sonja’s room code.

Then I found a printout of a seal labeled “First Pentacle of Saturn”. The pentacle had a 4×4 grid of Hebrew letters on it with “M/T, W/T, F/S, S” written down the side of the grid. I realized that these were the days of the week, and remembered that Hebrew letters have numeric values. The code for Wednesday was 10, 2, 4, 1 (אדני). Bingo.

Photo May 18, 9 07 45 AM

I snuck up the stairs to Sonja’s room at 10pm sharp, just like she told me to, and entered the code. It didn’t work. I studied the picture of the pentacle on my phone until I remembered that Hebrew is written backwards. I tried 1, 4, 2, 1, 0 and it worked! I’m a genius!

I opened the door slowly and peeked in to make sure she wasn’t having one of her episodes. She turned her head toward me without sitting up.

“Kendra!” she said, “You came!”

“Hell, yeah! Let’s get you some fresh air and do some moon gazing.”

“Yes, what fun it will be! Do you mind helping me out of bed?”

I pulled off her comforter, and found that she was shackled to the bed! I gasped. “Did Eli do this to you?”

She laughed. “It’s no big deal! You’ll be able to help me out of these chains no problem. But first, can you take my necklace off for me? It’s tangled and kind of choking me.”

Just as I unclasped the hexagram necklace, Eli and Dr. Gabor burst through the door.

Eli grabbed me by my arms and pulled me away from Sonja while Dr. Gabor rushed to her, he snatched the hexagram pendant and pressed it hard to her forehead, causing her head to sink into the pillow. He chanted a phrase in Hebrew with the name of the demon Decabrael—over and over.

Sonja screamed for help and Eli yelled in my face. “Kendra, what the fuck are you doing? It’s not safe here!”

He gripped my shoulders tightly and shoved me out of the room on to my ass.

As the door closed, I saw Sonja entering into a seizure. She laughed like a hyena, shrieked like a harpy, and moaned gutturally like a Tuvan throat singer that stepped on a nail—some how all at the same time. Her body writhed and she forced her chest up so hard that it almost looked like the bed rose off the ground, and Dr. Gabor fell back.

As the door closed to a sliver, I heard mirrors and windows shattering. It shut with a slam followed by silence.

I panicked in the hallway until I came to my senses and realized I had to call the police. A soon as I got my phone out of my pocket, Eli pounced out of the room on to me and wrestled it from my hands.

“Get off of me you psychopath!” I cried out.

“I’m not trying to hurt you, this is for your protection!”

I head butted him—like a total bad ass—and ran down the hall, locking myself in the first room I could find. But then I heard the door lock again—from the outside.

“Let me the fuck out of here!” I screamed while banging my fists on the door.

Eli yelled through the door, “I’ll let you out in the morning! You’ll be safe here until then.”

I scrunched my eyes closed in frustration and slid down the door on to the floor. My head was pounding from the head-butt—I’m a total idiot—and I started to tear up.

A wet warm tongue licked the tears off my face. It was a freaking goat! It bahh-ed in my face, I kicked it away, and took the room in for the first time. There were robes and sigils hanging on the wall, a table with bowls of herbs and incense, and a huge pentagram on the floor—surrounded by candles with shackles to chain someone to the middle of it! It was some sort of freaky cult ritual room!

I figured all I could do was go to sleep and hope Eli would let me out in the morning like he promised. It was hard to sleep, besides being in a creepy-ass room and being worried about Sonja, the smelly goat kept trying to cuddle with me.

I eventually passed out and when I woke up the door was unlocked and my phone was on the floor in front of it. I rushed past it into Sonja’s room. It was completely trashed, and she was nowhere to be found, but two of those white kittens (Charles and Stanky Jr.) were playing around the broken glass like nothing had happened.

I scooped up the kittens and checked my phone. There was a text from Eli.

Eli: It will finally all be over tomorrow night when Saturn forms a trine with Uranus. Stay out of it and don’t call the cops, Sonja’s life is at stake

What the fuck? These guys think she’s possessed by that demon Decabrael! How many fucking exorcisms do they have to perform to figure out that she’s just sick and needs a real doctor? I’m calling the cops… and Steve.

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