Saving Sonja Part 2

“Take off the necklace, Kendra. Take it off, please. Please, it’s hurting me,” said Sonja.

I don’t know why I did it. I wish I could say that Sonja put me in a trance, hypnotized me. But she didn’t. It was me. I knew it was a terrible idea, but I did it anyways. Maybe I just wanted to see what would happen. And what happened… well, I doubt you’ll even believe it.

I jerked the pendant down and the chain broke. It fell from her neck and I held it in my hand. Sonja stepped back and laughed maniacally, with two voices—neither of them Sonja. She took out a folded page of a book from her elastic waistband. She must have snuck it out of the Occult library.

She read the incantation on the paper gleefully. As she read  her eyes looked as though they were filling with blood, and her skin color began to change to a sickly green. She rose off the ground and teared up the page, giggling at whatever nightmare she was about to unleash on us.

The room felt like it was filling with electricity and the red lights began to flicker. Eli rushed to her and called her name, but she leapt into a cannonball, still hovering midair, then flung her limbs out into a star formation. A crackling boom sent shockwaves through the air, knocking all of us off our feet. The ground rumbled and began to vibrate.

“Finally, I’ve been released,” the two voices coming out of Sonja said, “I will send you all to a special hell.”

“Should I shoot her?” yelled Steve.

“I don’t know,” I muttered, still in disbelief of what I was seeing, frozen and still clutching her pendant.

The goat bleated desperately, and its hair stood on end. Dr. Gabor crawled toward it with the sacrificial knife, leaving a trail of blood from his leg. His clothes—all of our clothes—were rippling as if wind was blowing out from our pores. He wrapped one arm around the goat and held the knife up to its throat with the other. “Decabrael, I bind you to this goat!”

Sonja laughed. She raised her arms and opened her hands, weaving reality into a ball between them. It was as if the negative space between her hands formed into worms that twisted around each other into an orb, reflecting, displacing, and distorting the matter around it.

She threw the orb towards Dr. Gabor and the goat—Gabor rolled away just in time. The goat wasn’t so lucky.

The orb’s strands, now composed of the empty space where the goat should be, wrapped around its horns and legs, flowed into its eyes and mouth, crumpling it into nothingness until it disappeared. Holy fuck.

Sonja turned to me. Her body rotated in the air without moving while she ignored Eli’s appeals to the “real” Sonja.

“Kendra, you’ve been so helpful. But I’m afraid I just don’t need you anymore,” she said as she summoned a second orb.

The orb was actually incredibly beautiful, and I found my fear slipping away as I gazed into it, allowing myself to get lost in its wormy strands as it came closer and closer. Even the sound of the room faded away—the sounds of gunshots and Steve’s screams were muffled as if in another room far away.

Steve! I snapped out of it to see him jump inbetween me and the orb. The orb unraveled its strands and curled them around his torso and neck, folding him like rubber and pulling him into the mouth of the negative space squid.

“Kendra!” he shrieked as he reached a hand out from the abyss.

“Steve, no!” I yelled and grabbed his hand, dropping the starred pendant.

The strands enveloped our hands and I began to feel my fingers break. I screamed in agony as a pulled my hand out with such force that I fell to the floor. And I screamed again when I saw my mangled fingers all turned in different ways. I screamed a third time when I realized that Steve was gone.

Dr. Gabor and Eli had begun desperately reciting the incantations again. They chanted the name of the demon Decabrael, over and over.

Sonja cackled and turned to them. “You think you can bind me? You have no sacrificial vessell. You don’t even know my name!”

She threw up her head, shrieking and laughing, and opened her mouth uncannily wide. Her jaw dislocated and her skin stretched to let massive fangs grow and her now split tongue lash about. Hair grew out of the legs of her pants.

Then it hit me. The hairy legs, the long fangs, the starred pendant that had the same symbol as King Solomon’s ring. Mhaqal. This was Mhaqal. Sonja wasn’t possessed by a demon, she was possessed by a Jinn.

I grabbed the starred pendant from the ground with my good hand and thrust it forward, showing it to Sonja.

Sonja giggled as she summoned another orb of negative space. “What are you going to do with that little thing?”

“Mhaqal! I know your true name! With this hexagram, I bind you!” I said.

The orb fell apart like a wilting flower and Sonja’s expression fell, her eyes beginning to widen. I said Mhaqal’s name over and over again, and with each utterance the electricity in the room began to diminish and Sonja became more limp, and lowered closer and closer to the floor.

She finally dropped. I rushed over and put the starred pendant to her forehead, causing her body to become still.

Eli scooped up one of the kittens and rushed to me. He held the squirming kitten over Sonja’s chest and recited the incantation, replacing the name Decabrael with the possessor’s true name, Mhaqal.

Sonja writhed violently as she exhaled a column of purple smoke that swirled through the air. We held her down until all of the smoke entered the terrified kitten through its eyes, its fur rippling. Eli made a makeshift collar for the kitten and attached the starred pendant to it.

Sonja began to morph again, this time into her true human form. It was over.

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