That Night’s Fallout

Sonja wouldn’t wake up, and my hand looked like a Banyan tree, so we rushed to the hospital. Dr. Gabor treated his own gunshot wound. Gunshots get questions. I guess he really is a real doctor.

I went into surgery, twelve broken bones in my hand and fingers. Sonja’s condition deteriorated quickly, and she entered a coma.

The doctor said Sonja had very little brain activity, and she can’t breathe on her own. Eli doesn’t have the heart to pull the plug, and he has the money to keep her on life support indefinitely. Maybe he’s right to hope, to never let go.

She’s probably still in a coma, but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t spoken to Eli in weeks. I guess I’ll never hear her story… and she’ll never hear mine.

And I wonder if I ever really knew her. She was possessed by Mhaqal the whole time. When was it Sonja and when was it that evil Jinn?

I quit my job and moved out of the mansion, I couldn’t stay where it all happened. I couldn’t be where Steve died, where I made the stupid impulsive decision that led to his death. Where I basically killed him. And I wanted to leave all that Occult shit behind me.

I saved up a little cash working at the library, and when I told Eli that I was leaving he cut me a big check. He called it a bonus, for all that I’ve been through. It felt like blood money, but I took it anyway, I needed it to get an apartment, and I figured I’d be jobless for a while.

Steve’s dad called me and asked if I knew where he was. The cops too. Luckily no one had seen us together since March, and his phone went with him, so they eventually left me alone.

I’m going to focus on my writing, I need stories now more than ever. I’ll stick to my imagination for any new adventures, where can make stupid mistakes without any real-world consequences. I’m learning to type faster with one hand and use dictation as well.

And I think I’ll explore the city a little bit, it has so much to offer and I’ve barely seen any of it. Maybe I’ll soak in some culture—go to an art or history museum or an amusement park.  You know, normal things—things that are fun and don’t get anyone killed. Maybe I’ll even try to make some friends.

Oh yeah, and that kitten. You know, the one that holds the spirit of the evil Jinn that possessed Sonja? We were supposed to kill it but it escaped. So we’ve got a little furry Mhaqal running around somewhere. That’s a comforting thought.

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