RIP My New Site, Hello Old Site… 😑💐⚰

So we're back to my old site. I spent a TON of time and money getting a new self-hosted wordpress site up with a custom template, and then I found out that my followers can like but can't comment from! ARG!!! Since I just CAN'T live with myself if I miss any chances to chat… Continue reading RIP My New Site, Hello Old Site… 😑💐⚰

Join Kendra’s Postcard Club! 😎📬👻

The rumors are true, I've started a super-exclusive FREE Postcard Club for my newsletter subscribers! What the heck is a Postcard Club? Basically I send you weird postcards in the mail for FREE whenever I feel like it! Wouldn't you like to have a little delightful Kendra-infusion among all of those depressing bills and useless… Continue reading Join Kendra’s Postcard Club! 😎📬👻

What the Hell Just Happened?

I’m obsessed with the secret occult library, it’s so freaking cool. It has books on everything: demons, spirits, witches, cults, religion, myths, mysticism, magick, folklore, oracles, tarot, astrology—everything. I've been posting pictures on my twitter and instagram of passages and images I'm discovering so that you can see it too. I haven't had any luck… Continue reading What the Hell Just Happened?